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  • Stop Entries on Negative Stock

    This features controls inventory outward if stock is not available.

  • Print Terms & Conditions on invoice

    This feature allows a user to define and print Terms & Conditions for his invoices.

  • Backup/Restore Securities

    This feature allows an administrator to restrict Backup/Restore by other users.

  • Party Ledger Reconciliation

    This module allows a user to reconcile the party ledgers. This module functions just like Tally’s bank reconciliation module.

  • Recycle Bin

    This tool is just like windows Recycle Bin. This tool will help you to restore the vouchers to the accounts books which are deleted by the user.

  • Show Cost Centre Details in Trial Balance

    This feature shows cost centre details in trial balance report generated in default tally software.

  • Auto Emailing

    This feature allows the user to save Email Settings at company master level. This will help the user to avoid feeding of configuration during sending emails.

  • Detailed Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss

    The feature expands all groups and ledgers up to end levels for viewing detailed balance and profit and loss account in on screen.

  • Use Voucher Type Wise Printing Configuration

    This feature allows a user to set different printing configuration for different voucher types. A user will be able to set Default Printers, Height, Width & Space settings, Print formats, etc.

  • Stop transaction on duplicate Bill Reference

    This add-on will stop transactions in case the same bill reference of purchase /expense from the same supplier/party is already present in the books of accounts. This add-on controls duplicate bill references for all vouchers like Journal, Payment etc.

  • Advanced Contact Management

    This feature will allow the user to maintain the contact book for Debtors /Creditors by enabling the user to enter more details like multiple Contact persons with mobile and email for a particular party. This will also prepare an automatic columnar contact book containing all details entered in ledger master.

  • Voucher Type Securities

    This feature allows an administrator to authorize specific voucher creation / alteration for specific users. Presently in default tally, a user can pass any type of voucher if allow through Tally securities controls. This tool also allows controlling of no of back days for specific types of voucher for specific users.

  • Voucher Approval Control

    This feature allows an administrator to approve the entries done by users. The approved entries will only take the affect in books of accounts. The unapproved vouchers will not take affect. Also, an administrator can assign different types of vouchers to different approval authorities with specific approval limits. This module also supports voucher checking before voucher approval process.

  • Track Voucher Alteration History

    By enabling this module you can have a track with respect to creation as well as modification of vouchers made by the users. This module will also track the User, Date & time of creation & alteration and modified contents will also be tracked with the help of this module. A user will be forced to enter the reason during alteration of voucher and the same will also be displayed in the report also.

  • Owner’s Dash Board

    This Add-on display the complete business picture on one screen . This report shows financial and inventory information with the ability to drill down to various reports directly. This reports covers cash & Bank , Outstanding , Cash Flow , Sales & Purchase, stock, Capital & fixed Assets, Loans, Profit and Loss, top customers & Suppliers, Top products & Orders, Non slow and Moving Items , etc. Group companies are also.